BGS offers Stem cell therapy for Multiple Selerosis

Multiple Selerosis (Ms) a potentially debilitating disease, can be reduced and the neurological deficits recovered by cell therapy.

Cell therapy for MS is seen to be safe. The cause of MS is unknown and it is widely believed that there is no cure for MS Treatment focuses on strategies to treat attacks modify the course of the disease and treat symptoms.

Dr. N K Venkataraman leads a team of neurosurgeons at BGS treating a variety of neurological diseases. He is credited with the world’s first successful stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s disease.

BGS is associated with ANSCELL for Stem cell therapy. Anscell is a research & development company focusing on different areas of neuroscience the stem cells are processed in a state of the art lab at ANSA.

In MS, stem cell therapy objective is replacement of degenerated neurons and repair and regeneration of myelin.

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