Break-through in the treatment history of cancer-it’s a first!!

What is PIPAC?

PIPAC is pressured intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy. Its the newest method of giving chemotherapy to patients with advanced abdominal cancer.

In PIPAC chemotherapy vapour is generated using a special device called ‘capnopen’.The procedure is performed through laproscopy where the pressure in the abdominal cavity is raised .The combined effect of the pressure and vapourised chemotherapy increases the drug concentration in the cancerous tissue.

HIPEC is hypothermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy,where a highly concentrated heated chemotherapytreatment is delivered directly to the abdomen during surgery. Unlike systemic chemotherapy which circulates throughout the bodyHIPEC delivers directly to cancer cels in the abdomen. Heating the solution increases the absorption of the drug by the tumour. and destroy microscopic cancer ces that remain after surgery.

Advantages are:

Allows high dose of chemotherapy

Enhances and concentrates chemotherapy within the abdomen

Minimise the exposure of the rest of the body to chemotherapy.

Reduces side effects of chemotherapy.


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