Calcium intake a must…..Crucial for bone health& muscle functions.

Calcium is absolutely essential for children with growing bones. Its a vital part for adult diets too, helping to maintain healthy bone structure and muscle functions!

For adults aged 19 to 64 years, a daily consumption of 700mg of calcium is advised and the main recommended sources are milk ,cheese and dairy sources. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternate sources of calciul recommended for lactose-intolerant and dairy free people and ofcourse the increasing number of vegans!
A) ORANGES contain high levels of calcium. Its a one-source snack for Calcium & vitamin C.
B)WHITE BEANS are not only rich in proteins, iron &fibre, they are a great source of calcium too!To introduce variety, winged beans or navy beans can be added.
C)Almonds in particular are a good calcium rich snack though many nuts contain a significant amount of calcium.
E) SARDINES are not only full of essential Omega 3 fats ,they are packed with calcium too!
F)Broccoli is a super veg’ if ever there was one.Packed with vitamins A&K and minerals magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorous and contains an exceptionally high levels of calcium, easily absorbed by the body.
Experts advice: Don’t neglect your calcium intake, whatever your age!!!
-Deccan Herald-


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