Diabetes & Obesity behind 8lakh cancers world-wide…..

Nearly eight lakh cancers diagnosed globally were caused by Diabetes and excess-weight, a study has found.
For men, obesity and diabetes accounted for more than 40% of liver cancers,while for women they were responsible for a third of uterine cancer and nearly as many cases of breast cancer.
The study shows that diabetes on its own or combined with excess weight is responsible for hundreds of thousands of cancers around the world.On current trends the share of cancers attributed to the two factors/conditions is expected to increase by 30% for women and 20% for men
In the past, smoking was by far the major risk factor for cancer but now health care professionals should also educate the people that those who have diabetes and are over-weight also have an increased risk of developing cancer,the researchers said.
_Deccan Herald.

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