Diabetes: The disease is best avoided….

Simple tips to avoid developing diabetes and staying healthy!
Diabetes when carefully managed has limited impact but if uncontrolled it causes blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and various other health problems.This is certainly one case where —-‘ prevention is better than cure!!’
Here are 8 simple tips to avoid getting the problem-
1)Avoid sugar &refined carbs:These are high on the list of foods that can heighten the risk of diabetes.
2)Exercise more:working out,aerobic and cardio training increase the insulin sensitivityof the cells,so the body doesn’t need as much to keep everything in working order.
3)Drink lots of water: sugary beverages are poor in nutritional value but water is the best thing you can feed your body.
4)Lose weight:Not everyone who is over-weight will get pre-diabetes and diabetes..It does heighten the risk.
excess visceral fat promotes inflammation and insulin resistance.
5)Quit smoking:Several studies show that smoking increases the chance of getting diabetes by 44% in average smokers.Although many ex-smokers gain weight, its still a better opton to smoking!
6)Eat fewer processed foods:Processed food,which is hard to define, and not really a type-but lets say, ready food and packaged cakes are linked to health issues.
7)Coffee &Tea:Water should be the primary refreshment, but coffee &tea are good too.They contain anto-oxidantsknown as poyphenols, which may help protect against diabetes.
8) Herbs& spices:Curcumin found in turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties.The second is ‘bernerine’which is found in a number of spices . Berberine effectively reduces blood sugar levels.
‘Diabetes is manageable & treatable but best avoided!!!!!
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