Eight warning signs of a ‘Heart Attack’……

It is said that symptoms of a heart attack can appear weeks before a ‘heart attack’ occurs_and knowing them could save a life!

Heart attack, is a serious medical emergency which requires immediate attention.based on a UK report here are the warning signs that people may experience a month before having a heart attack-or even earlier.

1.Fatigue: One of the main symptoms which can indicate an impending heart attack is experiencing unusual levels of fatigue. Even simple tasks like making the bed or having a shower become noticeably more difficult and levels of fatigue increases by end of the day.

2.Abdominal pain:Another symptom-bloated feeling, upset stomach, Before the attack, the pain usually comes in waves,easing and returning for short periods of time.

3.Chest pains:In men, this is one of the most important signs and should never be ignored.The feeling can be temporary and include uncomfortable sensations in the arms(more often ,the left)the neck, shoulders and stomach.

4.Insomnia:symptoms include difficulty going to sleep,staying asleep and early morning sudden wake-ups. It can include feeling high levels of anxiety and is most common among women.

5.Shortness of breath:Breathlessness gives the feeling of not being able to draw enough breath and leaves you feeling dizzy.

6.Hair loss:Losing hair can be another indication,especially from the crown of the head.

7.Irregular heart beat:Skipped beats or an irregular heart beatoften come with panic attacks,and anxiety.The irregular beat could last 1-2 minutes causing extreme fatigue and dizziness.

8.Excessive sweating: Unusual or excessive perspiration can be an early sign.Can also experience flu like symptoms.Sweating may be regardless of temperature &physical activity, usually more at night.

Don’t ignore symptoms such as these. Do a cardiac check…. Its certainly better to book an appointment with your cardiologist, if you notice these symptoms!


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