Handle five medical emergencies….when you are home alone!

Simple but practical advice to cope with situations when solo:
A) Heart Attack:
Stay calm. Any movement will put unnecessary pressure on the heart.Be on the floor. leaning against a wall,knees bent, head and shoulders supported.
Chew an Aspirin, if you have it and are not allergic to it.
Try and vigorously cough by leaning forward to clear the obstruction.
Try giving self abdominal thrust by placing hand in a fist, just above belly button and underneath your ribs.pace the other hand on top, pull upwards to try and force the air in & up!
C) Severe Bleeding:
Apply direct pressure to the wound,using hand ,a towel or any piece of clothing. Try and secure the wound with a bandage to help maintain pressure.Support the injury above heart level. Never try to remove anything embedded as this could be acting as a plug.Treat yourself for shock by resting your legs above heart level- if possible.
Hold the burn under cool running water. Do not touch the burn.If there is no running water,hold the burn against a cold surface. Continue cooling the area atleast for 10 minutes. Cover loosely with clingfilm if available.
E)Broken Bone:
If open cover the wound with a sterile dressing,your hand or any piece of clothing!Apply pressure around the wound,not over the protruding bone. .Support the injured limb above and below the joint.
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