healthier Kidney.. only a pinch of salt,literally.

The most important ingredient in our survival basic necessity ,food is the pinch of salt we add in all our dishes.The sprinkle of those tiny white cubicles always appear harmless.However,a major part of it comprises of sodium, in the sodium chloride form,and has some serious effects on our health if not consumd in the right amounts

Experts opine that salt consumption should be limited to one teaspoon a day.Dietary restrictions tend to varywith individuals and while its always suggested to consult a dietician or nutritionist, who can better guide you for diet specific to your body and health conditions.While some salt is required to maintain the water balance in the body, excess amount of itcan be harmful as it causes blood to hold fluid.The extra fluid,build up in the body increases blood pressure, strains the heart and kidneys.. So, a pinch of salt in your daily consumed food is the health mantra!!

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