Make a smart move..!! Manage your meals with ‘GI’ on mind!!

Feeling tired and weak?! Have a glass of pure water melon juice for instant energy.-Is usually the advice!

There is a myth that diets for diabetics should not be followed by those with normal blood sugar levels…

The reality is the diet recommended for diabetic patients are very healthy. Infact, they are healthy for everybody, including  people without the disease.Meals should be plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. They should be low in salt and sugar. saturated fat should be at a minimum and trans fats ‘NO, NO’!!

The Glycaemic  Index(GI) measures how a carbohydrate containing food raises the blood glucose.Meal-planning with GI involves  choosing food with a low or medium GI.

LOW GI foods                         Medium                                                 High GI

100% stone-ground                Whole whet bread, brown rice        White bread,

whole wheat, oatmeal              Basmati rice                                      cornflakes

Barley,sweet potato                                                                              puffed rice

legumes&lentils                                                                                      pumpkin

most fruits and Vegetables                                                                  Melons, popcorn

Yam, peas                                                                                               short grain white rice



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