Medical Feat:Robotic surgery saves 138kg woman…..

Doctors in ‘Narayana Health City’ in Bangalore, India conducted a robot assisted surgery on a 56 years old woman suffering from cancer.The surgery was complicated since the patient weighed 138kg.

The woman was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and underwent hysterectomy and pelvic lymph node dissection.The surgery was risky due to her over-weight and other complications like diabetes and hypertension.The robot-assisted surgery ensured that the intestines were kept separated ,so there is no risk of those getting affected.

Diabetic people have reduced healing capacity so a direct cut would take longer to heal and the patient would be at a high risk of infection. The fat content would put pressure on the sutures ,increasing risk of their opening and bleeding.

Robotic hysterectomy is not very common

_Deccan Herald_

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