One Minute Angiogram-Coronary Angiogram to help you!

Here is good news for all clients.You can get an angiogram done inĀ  India’s leading multi-speciality hospitals at a very attractive ,affordable fee!-starting at$100/-

Components: Coronary angiogram,Echo & ECG screening,checks-serum creatinine,lipid profile,GRBS and cardiology consultation.

Advantages of CT Angiogram:

X-rays used in CT scans usually have no side effects.

Angiogram may eliminate the need for intervention and can be performed more accurately.

CT Angiogram is faster, non-invasive and has less complications

Lower cost compared to Catheter Angiogram.

Less discomfort, as contrast material injected into an arm vein rather than into a catheter inserted into a larger artery /vein.

Help detect structural abnormalities or arterial/venous diseases as well, before symptoms are seen.

Let us help you get the screening done!

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