One mosquito bite can transmit many viruses……be warned!!

The primary mosquito that spreads ZIKA virus might simultaneously also transmit other viruses with a single bite says a study that sheds light on co-infections.

Dual infections in humans are fairly common, much more common than earlier expected.

Viruses replicate. Three different viruses were found to replicate in the really small area of the mosquito’s body.one virus proved to be dominant and out-competed the others in mosquito midgut where the infections establish and replicate before being transmitted to the human body!

the lab study results showed that mosquitoes can transmit different viruses simultaneously, although likely to be rare in nature.

Only safe step is to be cautious… realise that this can happen… so minimize the chances -avoid being bitten by mosquitoes…Take extra precautions to keep the mosquitoes away!!!

-Mirror, Health-

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