Experience quality health care and help preserve the ‘beautiful, complete human being in you. Help us to help you. Compassion and care are only a hand – stretch away.

We at Rickshaw Caares are committed to providing an easy link-up with affordable, private medical care centres under the supervision of highly qualified doctors, using the latest technologies in collaboration with the tourism industry for global patients, needing surgical and other forms of specialized treatments.

We will be able to consult and advise regarding the procedures needed before you undertake to travel abroad. You will be advised on the best mode of travel and the best package deals – all inclusive prices that cover hospital charges, accommodations, consultations, recovery period etc.

We will strive to achieve the best possible treatment price for you.

Once you decide, we will arrange the tickets for your travel to the preferred destination and also help you obtain the travelling documents like Visa and health card.

We will be regularly in touch with you during the entire duration of your stay in the hospital/country

We can also organize appointments in rejuvenation centres after your treatment period to quicken your recovery in a stress free and holistic environment.

rejuvenating experience

India offers many ‘alternative health care’ options like Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy. These offer rejuvenating experiences and something outside the ordinary sphere of life.

Ayurveda offers specialized therapies for a number of health conditions. The special stress relief and rejuvenation packages offered by such centres are highly recommended. The treats offered by ‘Bangalore’ are unique. It is indeed a place for positive indulgence.

The naturopathy centres help you unwind. The rejuvenating experiences offered are numerous and indispensible allowing one to relax and revive energy flows. It is said that every living human being is the author of his own health – why wait for a special time?

Take care and go for the healing touch. It is all here – India is at the ‘epicenter’ of the health revolution!