‘Sleep’ for ‘Good Health’.

European journal of ‘preventive cardiology’ has published a new research paper–a study of over 30 years-of more than 200,000 people- associates ‘insomnia’ with heart attacks, strokes and other heart diseases.

Sleep is important.,researchers say for biological recovery.Association between insomnia and poor health outcomes have been found but now insomnia-cardiac conditions association is established.

Insomnia symptoms included difficulty initiating sleep, difficulty in maintaining sleep,very early morning awakening and non-restorative sleep.

These insomnia symptoms and the  association between incidence of death from cardio-vascular diseases,like acute myocardial in fraction,coronary heart disease ,heart failure, stroke or a combination of these have been assessed. Previous studies have shown that insomnia may change metabolic and endocrine functions,increase sympathetic activation, raise blood pressure and elevate levels of proinflammatory and inflammatory cytokines-which are high risk factors for strokes and cardio-vascular diseases.

Sleep disorders are common enough now and we need to be aware of insomnia symptoms and connected risks.

SEEK HELP but first HELP YOURSELF!! Programme your body for good sleep……

Eat light at night, keep your bedroom atmosphere conducive for sleep removing gadgets that emit light and sound…. ,Keep the temperature controlled!

Have a good night’s sleep and stay healthy…!!!

-The times-

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