The Health Village - River Retreat

The Ayurveda Retreat is indeed a hospital disguised as a luxurious resort.


Nature is the best healer and at RR, Ayurveda dwells closest to nature. Joined by a dedicated team of vaidyas, and staff, your ayurvedic experience truly becomes a celestial dream which you will surely yearn to redream on and on.

Life in central Kerala evolved on the banks of Periyar. Periyar nourishes, nurses and cleanses all. Perhaps, this is the reason for when you are near this glorious river, you are a child in its mother’s lap; you are at home. Come home to The Health Village, where The best of Nature meets the best of Ayurveda*.

With the confidence from over 30 years in applied Ayurveda through its hospitals and clinics and the expertise of 6 decades in ayurvedic medicine manufacturing, we, Kerala Ayurveda Limited, is crafting an opulent destination for ayurvedic wellness at the most pristine, meditative and rejuvenating location aside Periyar for our most elite clients.

The 24 rooms of the Retreat are in 3 separate guest buildings. The Periyar, Ganga and Yamuna. Most rooms in the Periyar and Ganga have river views. Of these 6 are face-on to the river, making for stunning evening sit-outs on the balconies, watching the golden sunset reflect in the river, while birds wing their way over the waters. All rooms are air- conditioned except rooms in Yamuna.

3 categories of rooms:
• Beauty - Rooms face-on to the Periyar River.
• Peace – Side views of the river from the room balcony.
• Comfort – No river view.


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