Uterus Transplant

Birth of the alternative- the ‘uterus transplant’ procedure makes its debut in India.

In a first, – a uterus transplant –It becomes the story of a mother, daughter and a womb! In preparing for India’s first uterus transplantation, the mother’s womb becomes the daughter’s too!.The mother had volunteered to donate her womb to her daughter who was born without one!


The procedure will be governed by ‘assisted Reproductive Technology guidelines and human organ transplant laws.

The criteria-

  1. The recipient should be of reproductive age, ideally less than 35 years.
  2. Donor should be a close relative who is immunologically compatible with the recipient
  3. An ideal donor is someone who has had a successful pregnancy.
  4. Women upto the age of 55 years can be considered for uterus donation, though the younger women are preferred.

Doctors opine that all women who have ovaries, but no functional uterus and are capable of bearing their own child could be considered eligible for uterus transplant.

A transplantation is done when the uterus is absent or diseased. The procedure involves a few important steps.

Step 1: Screening-To be deemed fit for the procedure the donor and the recipient undergo multiple tests.The donor has to have a healthy uterus and the recipient should have enough immature egg cells.

Step 2: IVF begins- recipient’s ovaries are stimulated and eggs removed for in-vitro fertilisation.

Step 3: Surgery preparation: The recipient is administered immune-suppressive drugs The donor’s uterus and blood supply to it are surgically removed.

Step 4: Transplant-Surgically the uterus is paced inside the pelvis of the recipient. She starts her cycle in a few months.

Step 5: Embryo transfer:-When the uterus heals, the embryos are implanted into it.

Step 6: Monitoring- Immuno-suppressive drugs are continued and the pregnancy is monitored

Step 7: Delivery- baby can be delivered only by c-section

Hospital stay: Donor leaves hospital in 48 hours and the recipient stays 3-4 weeks .

The cost is roughly 7-8 lakhs INR

The first few clients are offered the surgery free of cost .By two leading medical centers in India.

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