weight-loss surgeries: the changing trends..!!

OBESITY is a ‘Killer life-style disease’.,which accompanies a number of health outcomes!

Weight loss surgeries have gained prominence in the recent past. with 80% of all diabetes cases reported, caused by obesity,’BARIATRICS’ is no more considered as a cosmetic option but the finest option available to bring one’s health care back on track.WHO has now declared ‘bariatric surgery as an important tool to cure diabetes.

The most popular and frequently used is ‘Gastrectomy’. Another common laparoscopic surgery method is ‘Sleeve gastrectomy’ .Gastric by-pass is another method commonly used. A procedure that is not a surgery is the ‘endoscopic intra-gastric balloon’.

However these abdominal surgeries can turn out to be risky if not performed under utmost precision and experience.But, if conducted by experienced consultants it could have an extremely low complication rate.

India has some very experienced bariatric surgeons who have performed more than 18,000 weight loss surgeries in the recent years.

With improving long term effects in Bariatric surgeries ,increasing awareness among people and insurance  companies including the procedure in their list of authorisation considering it a life-saving procedure, weight loss surgeries are witnessing a surge in demand and India offers the right destination- experienced consultants, no waiting period and comparatively cheaper.!!!

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