What’s killing the liver?

Genes and sedentary life-style lead to rise in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease—
The teetotallers are not having the last laugh! It was a well known fact that heavy alcohol consumption would lead to many forms of liver disease,especially cirrhosis or scarring of the liver.Now, an alarming number of young people seem to be getting affected by NAFLD.
What is NAFLD?
NAFLD is caused due to the accumulation of fat in the liver.The number of NAFLD cases are more than the alcoholic liver disease cases. Doctors say it is asymptomatic at the early stages. Symptoms include fatigue or abnormal discomfort, poor appetite, confusion, weight loss and physical weakness.
who is prone to NAFLD?
Those who have type-2 diabetes, and are pre-diabetic, obesity, high cholesterol, and triglycerides, patients on certain drugs like corticosteroids, cancer medicine, high blood pressure, rapid weight loss,
Experts say, if neglected NAFLD can progress to liver cirrhosis, and even cancer.
Diagnostic tests:
*Ultra sound
*CT scan
*blood tests-lipid profile and liver function
*Viral hepatitis exam

Tips to prevent liver disease:
*Healthy life style, balanced diet
*Eat a diet low in fat and derived from all food groups.
*Ensure safe blood transfusion always to avoid contracting Hepatitis A

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