When ‘Dry Eyes’ need attention..

‘Dry eyes” is sometimes referred to as a ‘nuisance complaint’ .It however deserves serious professional and persona attention. It can be very debilitating and seriously diminish a person’s quality of life.

Tears serve a variety of functions which account for the kinds of complications their deficiency can cause.

-They lubricate the eye.

-Supply nutrients and oxygen

-Help to focus images

-Clear the eye of debris

So, untreated severe dry eye can result in scarring, ulcerations, infection, even perforation of the cornea,the clear outer layers of the eye that protects the iris, pupil and anterior chamber and accounts for much of eye’s optical power.

Possible causes of the problem are many, not just a matter of insufficient tears!

Inflammation of eye-lids, allergy, environmental conditions like tobacco smoke or dry climate, hormonal imbalance,use of contact lenses, vitamin deficiency, underlying systemic diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, prolonged use of certain medications and so on….

Meet your opthalmologist, ask for possible treatments, be happy additional  therapies are now being tested!

we can help you meet some of the best in this medical field…. contact us…. permit us to help you solve the little issues, your  medical problems that need attention….!

-RC team-

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