Why India

India is fast becoming a global health destination taking over the lead role in the medical – tourism / health care industry. This option CHOICE INDIA? for a wide range of medical procedures is becoming clear because of the numerous advantages in the field.


  • India has internationally accredited medical facilities with highly qualified surgeons, physicians, and other specialists using the latest technologies
  • No waiting lists exist in India – the waiting period for a major procedure is cut short.
  • India offers the most competitive prices making all required medical procedures affordable.
  • Comfortable and cost effective accommodation is made available for both patients and accompanying relatives
  • Easy communication with doctors, hospital staff and support staff assured
  • Help in discovering the ‘Incredible India’ with a combined holiday / business tour
  • Offers trips to affordable ‘recovery destinations’
  • Medical visas are easily attainable
  • Direct flights to locations with the top medical facilities from almost all locations across the global