A germ-free environment can cause childhood Leukaemia.!

According to professors from the institute of cancer research,London too much cleanliness and lack of exposure to different microbes early in life could be a factor in the development of childhood leukaemia.
Acute Lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) the most common type of childhood cancer could be the result of a two-step process.
The first is a genetic mutation that happens in the womb which predisposes children to ALL- but only 1% of children born with the mutation go on to develop the disease.
The second is further genetic changes triggered by infection after birth. This is more likely in children who have been kept in very clean,germ free environment in the first year. Natural infections early in life can prime the immune system to fight infections
According to the experts children should be allowed to mingle with others especially older children and parents should not be overly obsessed with cleanliness. Breast-feeding for 3 to 6 months is also beneficial.

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