A pain in the neck?..

A form of cancer ,relatively less known in the last decade, the incidence of ‘thyroid cancer’,based on reported cases has increased.

Thyroid cancer, which may start with a slight swelling of the neck,often gets overlooked! If diagnosed early and attended to, in time, it is highly and completely curable. If delayed , the cancer can adversely affect the nerves to the vocal cords, damage wind pipe and food pipe.

The ‘Thyroid’, an endocrine gland controls the body’s metabolic rate by releasing the hormone-‘Thyroxin ‘.Increased or decreased secretion of thyroxin causes the conditions-Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism. Both conditions can be treated by appropriate medical or surgical treatments.Less known is the fact that this gland may also develop cancer, which fortunately has a very high rate of cure.

The common cancer of the gland is ‘Differentiated Thyroid cancer.

Two other kinds -Medullary and Undifferentiated cancer are very ,very rare but incurable.

Finding out:It should be high-lighted that in most cases the functions of the gland are generally not disturbed. A swelling or a nodule that are palpable and visible on the neck , a pain in the neck that seems to be continuous.. such signs should make one alert.It is advisable to consult a doctor at the earliest.

Treatment&therapy: First line of treatment ,in most cases will be a delicate surgery. It has to be done by an expert.

It is said , knowing and understanding a medical condition is the first step of treatment. taking action at the right time, the second. Be aware.

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