A ‘silent Epidemic’! B(12) Deficiency….

Experts warn that the often overlooked Vitamin B(12) deficiency has major consequences. VitaminB(12) also known as ‘Cobalamin’ is an essential ingredient for DNA synthesis and hence any rapidly growing cell in our body such as the RBC,the nerve cell, the cells lining  the intestine or our skin cells, all need B(12) for regeneration and growth.Very importantly, its also needed for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Deficiency of B(12) manifests as anaemia-  characterised by fatigue,lethargy, a spectrum of neurological issues ranging from personality  changes to tingling,numbness in the feet and hands,skin changes like dryness and hyper-pigmentation.In the long run,it can lead to repeated falls, depression, mood disorders.

Extensive studies have lead to the conclusion that this deficiency is most prevalent in pure vegetarians. It is also associated with the use of drugs like anti-biotics ,anti- diabetic drugs  like metformin and antacids.

A wobbly gait, lethargy, shortness of breath, feeling of nervousness are all signs of B(12) deficiency.

In short, the signs to look out for are—

Blurry vision    ,       Wobbly gait   ,     dizzy feeling  ,   forgetfulness

unexplained sadness or anxiety  ,   Smooth, red tongue


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