About Rickshaw Caares

We at Rickshaw Caares are committed to providing an easy link-up with affordable, private medical care centres under the supervision of highly qualified doctors, using the latest technologies in collaboration with the tourism industry for global patients, needing surgical and other forms of specialized treatments.

Rickshaw Caares is a registered private company located in BANGALORE, India. Bangalore offers state-of-the-art medical centres with the latest in the medical advances including stem-cell research and procedures in cardiac treatment and oncology.

Rickshaw Caares is supported in its venture by Rickshaw Travel Group- a premier travel and tour operator located in Tanzania, East Africa with registered offices in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Canada, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Rickshaw Travels has been a leading player in the tourism field and has extensive experience in conducting well – managed tours across Africa and organizing trips, spanning the entire globe.

We provide easily accessible and affordable specialized health care in India for patients around the world, or simply a rejuvenating experience at India’s Premier Ayurvedic Centres.