‘Awake Brain Surgery’ of a seven-year old!

Awake craniotomy , is a preferred technique for operations to remove lesions close to or involving functionally important regions of the brain. It is considered a great success in adults but in children a different set of challenges are involved like the ability of a young child to co-operate during the lengthy procedure.

In what doctors say, is a first of its kind on a seven year old, a child so young,it  was successfully performed by a team of neurosurgeons in Bangalore.

The young child was admitted with a history of persistent headaches and frequent bouts of fits..He was on detailed examination diagnosed with a brain-tumour around vital blood vessels in the speech area.Immediate surgery was needed and doctors realised that his speech and limb movements had to be monitored during resection of the tumour.

Awake craniotomy was performed , keeping the child talking, identifying simple pictures, moving his limbs … After a successful surgery, the child was talking normally and moving without discomfort and was discharged within 48 hours.

-Medical news-

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