Brahmasutra Ayurvaidyasala

Brahmasutra Ayurvaidyasala

The journey of Ayurveda over the many years has been influenced by the dynamics of both the business and medical world. Today, many treatments are modified and are inconsistent with the classic methods of Ayurveda practice.

At Brahmasurta Ayurvaidyasala, we engage ourselves in bringing back “traditional” Ayurveda practices. Our doctors and therapists come from families that have a history of practicing Ayurveda for over 100 years. This knowledge and experience is the basis on which we provide our expertise and services, resulting in an authentic and traditional experience of what Ayurveda is really all about.

We offer a traditional Kerala system of Ayurveda. Select medicines are prepared by us at our facility, such as Kashayam, a herbal decoction often seen in bottles and stocked in shops for sale. This is inconsistent with the true practices of Ayurveda, where kashayam is supposed to be freshly prepared to be consumed and used in treatments there after.

In addition to medicines, oils used for treatment are also traditionally prepared by us. The importance of these practices is that the efficacy of traditionally and freshly prepared medicines and oils are much higher, thereby optimizing the treatment process.

Our specialisations :

Punarjani– Ortho-Neuro rehabilitation

Pranaayana – Respiratory disorders

Jeevatatva – Lifestyle diseases

Laghugaatra – Obesity and metabolic disorders

Vyadikshamatwa – Auto immune disorders

Agnikumaram– Digestive disorders

Manomantra – Psychiatry and stress management

Kaumarasaukhyam– Paediatrics and special children

Seemanthini – Gynaecology and post natal care

Jeevasparsha– Skin disorders

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