First robotic heart surgery at city hospital

A Bangalore based hospital has conducted its first robotic surgery for heart ailment recently. With the help of robotic arms surgeons at ASTER CMI hospital successfully performed four ‘mitral valve’ surgeries with incisions as minimal as 2.5 tp 3.5cms.
Doctors sit at a console and with inputs from the camera which provides a complete view of the mitral valve in the patient’s body guide the three robotic arms which are more dexterous as a human wrist and are able to rotate almost 360 degrees making the surgical process much easier and precise.
According to doctors scars from the robotic surgery is minimal compared to the traditional open heart surgery.
The experts say, among many benefits of robotically assisted surgeries are: smaller incisions with minimal scarring, less trauma and pain, shorter hospital stay, lesser pain medications,less bleeding, low risk of infection,shorter and quicker recovery time.


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