Heart attack symptoms differ……women take note..!!

The American heart society has for the first time released newly compiled data on symptoms,treatment and type of heart attacks in women.

WHY women have different causes and symptoms is not yet clear but they are more complex, there are more biological variables such as hormonal variations..

Cardio-vascular disease is the leading cause of death for women globally.Though men and women both experience chest pain as a primary attack symptom, women often have atypical vague symptoms without chest pain such as palpitations, pain in the back, shoulder or jaws even anxiety, sweating or indigestion! some women only experience shortness of breath,nausea, vomitting and flu-like symptoms—known to be very challenging for the patient and the medical profession YET women very often tend to under-recognise or even deny them .Delay in seeking treatment is also more common in women…

Women don’t make their own personal health their priority which contributes to their less favourable outcome after an attack!!

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