How to deal with ‘psoriasis’, the painful skin condition..

Psoriasis: The scaly, red, itchy patches of skin can be hugely troublesome for some and it can happen to anyone!

Its an over-reaction of the immune system which causes inflammation and the rapid growth of skin cells. Although there’s no cure ,sufferers can adopt measures to cover or treat it so its not too painful..

a) Feed Your skin

Good fats from avocados, nuts and seeds are needed for the cells in the top skin layer to avoid moisture loss.

b)Get some sun for your needed dose of vitamin D

When extra skin cells are produced, Vit D can help to slow down the process.Try taking a daily high strength supplement

c)Stop the stress:

Stress& psoriasis go hand in hand.The worse your skin is, the more you’ll stress about it.You should not, atleast try not to- worry about your skin,;practice stress busting activities like yoga.

d)cut out junk:

It can cause flare-ups!Junk food often comes with ingredients that may aggravate skin conditions and worsen inflammation.

e) Check-in with the doctor:

we enter here! we can help you find your dermatologist, who will help you deal with this frustrating skin condition.

There are essentially 3 main treatments.

Steroid & tropical  creams are the first port of call.

Phototherapy  is the second. Its a specialised treatment using artificial light.

Systemic : oral or intravenous treatments come with potentially serious side-effects. Doctors prescribe it ,only for severe cases.


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