Lead an active life…..to watch out for your health!!

Just 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week could prevent 1 in 20 cases of cardio-vascular disease and 1 in 12 deaths world-wide, according to a Canadian study published in the Lancet.
The best part is that any type of physical activity_ gym workouts,household chores, walking to work, and on the job movement _ will help!. The benefits were seen in people of al economic backgrounds and regions and irrespective of other risk factors for disease and types of physical activity.
The affordability of other cardio-vascular disease interventions such as generic drugs and consuming fruits and vegetables are often beyond the reach of many people in low income and middle income countries. However, physical activity represents a low cost approach to preventing cardio-vascular diseases.
The WHO recommends atleast 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activities throughout the week as well as muscle strengthening exercises atleast 2 days /week.

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