many medications linked to depression & suicide

Many commonly prescribed medications have the potential to cause depression or increase suicidal tendencies. ,according to a U S study
Many of the studied patients repeated the pattern. An analysis of medication use patterns of many adults found that about one-third, were on medication that have depression as a possible side-effect and about 24% were on medications , with suicidal tendency as a potential side effect.Many of them were taking multiple drugs simultaneously-called poly-pharmacy- which further increased their risk of depression.
More than 200 commonly used drugs ,including hormonal birth control medications, blood pressure and heart medications,proton pump inhibitors,antacids and pain killers have depression or suicide listed as potential side effects.
The take away message of the study is that poly-pharmacy can lead to depressive symptoms and the patients and health care providers need to be aware of the risk of depression that comes with all kinds of common prescription drugs -many of which are also available over the counter., said the researchers.

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