Medical Packages

Each client/patient’s case is considered and studied extensively as a unique case and most of the super speciality and multi-speciality hospitals offer  suitable ‘packages’ for the complete care of the patient.  Based on the available reports and tests done, doctors offer advice on the treatment and procedures to be adopted, expected period of treatment etc.  Though the package rate for consultation and treatment is given to each patient according to his/her prevailing conditions, the ‘package rates’ usually include other than the cost of medical treatment itself:

*Internal transfers on arrival and departure (from the air-port)

*Initial consultation with physician/surgeon as required, on arrival

*standard pre-surgery tests including x-rays, scans

*Pre/post surgery medication

*Stay for number of days indicated with one companion.

* Guest-relation officer, providing priority facilitation

*Comprehensive medical report on discharge.

*Personal dietician

*Post-discharge consultation offer (after patient returns home)

*Currency exchange facilities

*Travel & tourism assistance, if needed

*E-mail updates to the ref. doctor and the patient’s family.

****Arrangements can also be done for extended recuperation stay in India.