Need for kidney care….

Foods that are believed to keep CKD(chronic kidney disease) at bay!!
CKD is often a silent condition and the symptoms may not be apparent until much later. A regular blood and urine test, which shows the presence of the protein ‘albumin’ can indicate kidney disease.
Some foods that serve as helpers, to regulate this condition are_
A) Cauliflower is high in vitamin C ,K and B folate .Its also full of anti-inflammatory compounds like indoles and is an excellent source of fibre.
B)Garlic contains anti-oxidants that again help in reducing inflammation.It also reduces renal reperfusion injuries.
C) Egg whites are a better choice for people following a renal diet. They are a kidney-friendly source of protein.
D)Turmeric is a wonder spice that can safely be incorporated into our daily diet as it has no side effects.
E)Apples can reduce the symptoms of kidney disease They are a good source of ‘pectin’,a soluble fibre that can lower cholesterol and glucose levels.
F)Ginger helps improve kidney function.It can relieve clots.,stimulate the circulation,,Promote the blood flow to kidneys and clean the blood.
G)Carrots can do wonders for those at risk of kidney disease.Beta-carotene in carrots help the kidneys filter toxins from the blood and prevent urinary tract infection.
Eat right, stay healthy!!
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