Neglecting joint pain can be dangerous….Be warned!!

Neglect and Regret….If you find it difficult to climb stairs or your joints hurt in the morning,don’t take it lightly..

Arthritis, especially OSTEOARTHRITIS is on the rise.Arthritis is usually” silent” showing virtually no symptoms initially.

Check out for-

a)start-up pain and stiffness, particularly following inactivity.

b)Increase in pain after prolonged activity, often decreasing when rested.

c) Swelling in and around the joints

d)decreased range of movement and crunching sound during movement,

e)Restricted function of the affected joints,

f)Deformity like bow legs with knee-joint arthritis.

Remember-there’s no cure, treatment being more of prevention than cure!

India  offers a variety of procedures to lessen the pain… try out the ancient Ayurvedic methods or the latest in arthritis management!

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