Quality neurological treatment is offered at affordable cost. The evolving need for treatment in this area has prompted our partner hospitals leading in this field, adopt innovative practices and specialisation.  In keeping with international advances in therapeutics, specialist consultants collaborate each, focusing intensively on specific conditions to effectively treat disorders of the central nervous system.

1) Neuro-surgeries:

Excellence and competence of the surgeons, aided by the latest medical technology, offering advanced neurosurgical techniques like endoscopic and stereotactic surgeries for removal of tumours, make it a safe procedure.

2) Interventional neurology:

In interventional neurology, minimally invasive and image based procedures are used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases concerned with the blood vessels of the brain and spinal cord.

3) Epilepsy:

Comprehensive treatment is offered for epilepsy using advanced diagnostics like interictal and Ictal SPECT scan and guarantees substantial recovery by better evaluating and categorizing the issues.