No carb-diets are unhealthy….!

Low carb/high protein diets are very popular.For starters, short term benefits since a huge food group is eliminated.. Body is starved of calories! These diets are naturally very easy to implement because ‘elimination is easier than substitution’.!!

The fundamental problem in this diet is rooted in misconceptions about both groups- proteins & carbs!. The belief that one group is completely bad and the other good is WRONG.

Carbs are good too.. It is a key macronutrient ,important source of energy.It enhances the mood and helps with the absorption of calcium & phosphorus-all

very important functions. Carbs are integral to the metabolism of fats!!!

Protein excess is detrimental.It is associated with excess uric acid formation, kidney problems and osteoporosis.

STICK TO ‘BALANCED MEALS’.-that has 65% carbs, 25% proteins and 10% fats..

Important: ‘Eat light as evening closes in’.

Health & you-

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