Psoriasis on the rise— Possibly due to stress&life-style!

Number of psoriasis cases have gone up, due to poor quality of life_ mental&physical.
Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease that affects the skin surface and is characterised by red scaly patches that might impact a portion of the skin or spread to the whole body depending upon severity!!
As per medical literature, psoriasis is hereditary but in many people the gene that triggers the disorder remains dormant till it gets triggered at times by an external factor,
There are studies that show that high levels of stress do trigger the disorder , so, people with history of psoriasis should maintain a balanced life-style.Same time, it can also get triggered by medicines being used for managing Diabetes and hypertension.
Adhering to the recommended treatment is difficult for most psoriasis patients as they look for immediate results and lose hope. With consistent counselling given,, through sustained adherence to effective therapies longer lasting remissions can be realised.It is 95% treatable and like diabetes needs proper management, advises the dermatologists..


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