Scientists discover way to kill cancer cells using light!

Researchers at University of Rochester Medical center in the US have discovered a simple and practical way to kill cancer cells using light to steer immune cells to attack the tumours. They describe the method as similar to sending light on a ‘spy mission’ to track down cancer cells.

Immunotherapy  is different from radiation or chemotherapy. Instead of directly killing cancer cells, immunotherapy directs the immune system to act in certain ways by stimulating T-cells to attack the diseased cells.However , the problem is that immunotherapy can cause the immune system to over-react or under-react. The latest study conducted tests to understand and develop light sensitive molecules that could efficiently guide T-cells towards tumors.They tested a LED chip in animals which could eventually be implanted in humans.

With improvements, the optical method might allow doctors to see in real time if the cancer therapy is reaching its target. currently when patients receive immunotherapy, they need to wait for several weeks and then undergo imaging scans to find out if the treatment worked.

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