The Diet & the Diabetes Connect!

Nutrition,Exercise and Physical activity can help a patient manage or even reverse the condition…. This world Diabetes Day ,the theme was centered around ,’The Family& Diabetes’.

Make some very simple changes, was the advice…..

Tip 1:Better snack choices:

Dont binge on fried snacks without knowing the repercussions.A simple way to gradually change the pattern is to revise the snacking routine.Almonds, that provide energy, is the best snack for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. They also have satiating properties.

Tip 2: Be more active:

Regular physical activities help keep blood pressure under control, manage weight, maintain energy levels and decrease risk of heart diseases.Start by adding small doses of daily exercises and increase it gradually to 30 minutes to 1 hour every day.

Tip3:Take Notes:

Maintain a daily log of the medication taken, food consumed, physical activity and things that caused stress.This will provide an insight into your progress and help manage better life-style.

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