weight loss surgery may halve death risk..

People who undergo weight loss surgery have half the death rate compared to those who receive traditional medical treatment over a 10year period, a study found.
The rate of death in individuals who did not have surgery was 2.3% compared to 1.3% in those who had surgery.
Majority of people who have bariatric surgery are women. It was proved by the study that a long term effect of bariatric surgery is a longer life for obese people. Bariatric surgery is an increasing frequent treatment for severe obesity. While the short term benefits of weight loss surgery such as weight loss, better control of diabetes and blood pressure are well known there is concern about complications from the surgery.Among the concern are malabsorption of nutrients including vitamin deficiency and protein deficiency. However,in the study there was not a higher rate of anaemia,vitamin or protein deficiency among those who had surgery.
The surgery types included creating a pouch at the top of the stomach that limits , restricting the amount of a person can comfortably eat, restricting the food the stomach can hold with an adjustable band and reducing the size of the stomach.
_Deccan Herald_

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