Wonder child: New born undergoes surgery within 48 hours!!!

The new born baby who had difficulty in breathing puts on an extra-ordinary fight for survival. For his remarkable endurance and spirit of life the doctors who performed life saving ,extensive surgeries fondly calls him the ‘wonder baby’.!!
The baby was born with very critical disorders. Doctors at FORTIS HOSPITAL, Bangalore operated on him within 48 hours of birth to correct a congenital heart defect known as ‘ Coarctation of the Aorta, a life threatening condition. The baby was also treated for a critical intestinal infection known as ‘Necrotizing Enterocolitis(NCE). Soon after .The surgery corrected many conditions like irregular heart beat or Arythmia and heart failure.
5 weeks later another surgery was performed to treat ‘ventricular septal defect(hole in the heart).The baby was put on artificial ventilation as his lungs were weak .The baby later developed kidney failure’ which was treated conservatively. The baby is fully fit and is 4 months old now.
The miracles of Science, diligence of doctors and the fighting spirit of the baby…. saves a precious life!!

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