work stress can greatly increase chances of dementia…..

Stress is one of the most common problems today due to the fast paced life.It is a burst of emotional or physical tension as a reaction to an event or thought. Even though stress doesn’t pose a major problem in the initial stages, can be extremely harmful in the long run.

stress affects the immune system, which plays an important role in the development of dementia.The first step towards prevention is the identification of signs of stress.

Results of stress:

Anger: stress can result in outbursts even for the silliest of reasons.

Anxiety:About facing another day and what the future holds.

Withdrawal; Avoiding friends and disiterest in activities ,once enjoyed.

Depression:One of the most common problems for people affected by stress.

Insomnia:A clear tell tale sign of chronic stress.

Lack of concentration:Unable to concentrate which leads to incomplete tasks or inability to meet deadlines, causing more tension.

Take up some simple practices to help.(Advice of a neurosurgeon)

*Keep a positive attitude.

*Meditation can be helpful

*Healthy diet.

*Adequate sleep

*Seek medical help at the right time.


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