Working it out!!!

It is widely accepted that physical activity can enhance overall health and prevent numerous chronic diseases. No matter what your level of experience or fitness work out related injuries can happen to anyone.This might result in disruption of daily life ,loss of income or temporary/permanent disability.

Prevention: Golden rules that help prevent exercise related injuries.

*Always warm up prior to any exercise.

*Intensity of the workout should be increased gradually only

*Focus on strength, endurance and flexibility to keep joints supple and muscles strong.

*Split weight training into body parts or movements giving enough time for muscle groups to recover.

*Rest days once or twice weekly a must to allow body to recuperate.

*Weak body is injury prone.Fuel the workouts with enough fluids &food.

**Suitable footwear for cardio/training days to limit stress on knees and spine.

*Know your trouble areas and avoid exercises that hurt.

*Take help of a qualified trainer.

*Incase of a minor injury, rest the injured part and stop working out

.*Ice application to reduce inflammation.

  • Compression to keep the limb from swelling.
  • Try to be alert and learn to distinguish the difference between the good pain of muscle soreness and the bad pain of injury!!
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